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Modular - Benefits


Consider the Benefits

Unlimited Combinations

• With almost endless combinations of materials, shape and colour, the MODUL system can create unique exhibition stands

Whether Large or Small
• Even on the smallest of stands MODUL brings ideas "your ideas" to life
• Using system lighting, stylish wall panels and a combination of upright and crossbeam profiles the smallest of booths will stand out

Unique Ideas
• The MODUL Double-Deck distinguishes itself through its homogenous components
• From the support columns to the smallest detail enables the realization of unique ideas
• Standard upright profiles are based on 46mm diameter
• Special upright profiles create a solution for every project
• A Combination of system components and traditional materials can create stunning looks
• The system can be altered to suit the requirements of stands large or small

From Multi-Storey to Display Cabinets
• The MODUL range of profiles can be used to create an unlimited range of display cabinets
• The colours can be chosen from our RAL colour chart we also offer a number of metallic and orange-peel finishes

From Concept to Reality
• Strong in design and appearance
• Creating unique shapes and forms by utilizing standard profiles

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